15th January 2018

Course #12 Designing and Evaluating Innovative Mobile Pedagogies

Course #12 

Location / Dates

2019: 20 -25 October
Nicosia, Cyprus
2020: ​30 March – 3 April

Target Groups:   
Teachers of all subjects in primary, secondary and vocational education

This course is aimed at teachers who want to increase their own confidence, understanding and ability to use mobile technologies innovatively in teaching and learning. The course will enable classroom practitioners to design, implement and evaluate innovative mobile pedagogies, and research the impact on student learning outcomes.

Each day will cover a different aspect of designing and evaluating  mobile technologies for teaching and learning. Coursework will incorporate delegates’ existing knowledge and experience and provide a helpful learning environment with a balanced mix of theoretical and practical knowledge. Hands on demonstration and interaction with the technology in an international group setting will show the importance of collaboration and shared experience in using technology in education.

Activities and topics include:

All participants will:

  • Complete a survey to document their current skill levels in using mobile technologies and understanding of their potential value as educational tools
  • Learn how to use a selection of bespoke survey instruments and other tools to monitor and evaluate the use of mobile technologies in their own classrooms
  • Experience how to use models and frameworks associated with mobile learning (e.g. the iPAC framework) to inspire them in designing innovative learning activities
  • Design and evaluate their own innovative mobile learning activity which they test with other participants in the course
  • Learn how to use an established rubric instrument to evaluate mobile learning apps and identify those that are most suitable for teaching and learning
  • Have opportunities to use mobile technologies in a variety of different settings to understand how to modify the design of mobile learning pedagogies to suit the context. Experience the application of mobile fieldwork where participants  use their mobile device in a non formal setting to capture, analyse and synthesise data *
  • Gain the opportunity to join an international network of teachers exploring the innovative use of mobile technologies
  • Visit a local school and/or one STEM research centre to explore how cutting edge technology is being used in teaching and learning settings *
  • Gain a better understanding and awareness of the potential learning gains associated with virtual reality, augmented reality and mixed realities, using mobile devices
  • Examine examples of innovative and transformational mobile learning activities devised by actual classroom practitioners across Europe
  • Have the opportunity to design and construct their own innovative mobile learning activities with the support of experienced classroom practitioners and experts in mobile learning
  • Get supported with ideas and materials for contributing to sustainable professional development strategies in your own school

All delegates will receive a certificate of attendance from the University of Hull *

All delegates will have access to materials developed by the EU project DEIMP, including learning scenarios created by practitioners of the participating associate schools from various EU countries.

*) This activity is only part of the Cyprus edition

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