16th July 2019

Course fees

As TELLConsult has reduced the max. group size (12 – 15) for its courses to allow implementation of national & regional covid-19 related standards we need to charge 620 euro per participant for a 6 days course (with discount 558 euro per participant) and 550 for a 5 day course.
The courses have a fixed price.

This fee consists of 2 parts:
Course fee: for a 6 days course 420 euro for tuition and materials. This is covered with the course fee that you get with your grant: 70 euro per day.
Organisational costs: with a KA1 grant each school / organisation will receive 350 euro per participant for organisational support, of which TELLConsult will charge 200 euro per participant for administration and (COVID_related) organisation costs (local organisation for venue, rent of venue, costs for TELLConsult administration).

If you come with 6 or more participants to a 6 days TELLConsult course, you will get a discount of 10% and you will pay only 138 euro organisational costs per participant. It means that the bill will show 420 euro for course fee and 138 euro for organisational cost. The total bill will be 558 euro per participant.
It means that part of your budget of 350 euro per participant that your receive with your KA1 grant for organisational support, goes to the course provider due to the higher costs level to make the courses affordable. The remaining 150 euro (or with discount 212 euro per participant) can be used by your school / organisation.

To be paid by yourself from the KA1 grant
Travel costs. The grant includes a budget for travel costs. The amount is calculated based on the distance that you need to travel from your home place to the course.

Accommodation and meals (Individual support in the grant).
The amount that you receive to cover the costs of your stay in hotel and meals will depend on the country. It can be between 70 – 140 euro per day. TELLConsult doesn’t organise the stay in hotels but can give advice for booking of hotels varying in price and distance to the course venue and for affordable lunches.