18th January 2018

Course Terms & Registration

A. How to follow or register

  1. Schools applying for an ErasmsuPlus Grant or Accreditation

In case you want to enlist for TELLConsult courses in advance just to show your interest without any obligations, please fill out this form.
This is recommended for teachers & schools that would like to be supported when applying for an EU grant or whose grant application has not been confirmed as successful yet.
It will also help us to stay in touch and inform you on course offer updates, changes and confirmations.

  1. Coordinators at schools that have successfully applied for ErasmsuPlus Accreditation / Grants or teachers with access to funding.

Coordinators at schools (school contact persons) that have successfully applied for Accreditation or grants are requested to register for the school’s preferred courses using this registration form and provide the data of the participants involved

After registration an invoice will be sent to individual teachers and the school contact persons. Courses will be confirmed as soon as possible but ultimately some 1.5- 2.5 months before the course start date or as soon as the minimum number of paid registrations has been realised.

  1. ErasmsuPlus accredited schools and organisations that are interested in ‘blended’ , ‘on demand / customised’¬† courses or inviting experts.¬†

Organisations that are interested in online introductions to, customised or ‘on demand’ courses are requested to contact us at [admin AT tellconsult DOT eu] to be informed on how to (bulk) register their staff for the preferred course edition(s) or discuss local workshops or coaching arrangements by TELLConsult tutors.

4. Participation on a day-to-day basis.

To make attendance at our courses more flexible for individual teachers (e.g. in last minute situations, those without grants or with an interest in specific topics) we also offer the option of attending on a day-to-day basis.
Costs involved are 200 E for one day and 100 E for any additional day.
Teachers who would like to attend on a day-to-day basis are requested to register with this form

Course payment
Registration is only final after payment of the invoice for the course fee(s) sent to you or your school by TELLConsult Training course administration.

B. General TELLConsult Course Regulations

TELLConsult Training
in collaboration with (EU project) (ex-)partners and expert tutors.
EU Organisation ID: E10111083
EU PIC number: 949744461

Course fees:
The total fee for a 6-day course to be calculated for Erasmusplus grant applications since 2022 is: 530,- Euros. For 5-day courses the total costs are 450,- .
These costs include the course fee plus the administration costs of 50 E and other costs including rent of venue, travel & subsistence costs for additional  (inter)national tutors and post course support including access to the virtual learning environment.
For more details and info on discount options see the course fee and billing pages.

This sum is exclusive of meals, social and cultural activities, travel and hotel costs.
Fees for custom made courses (e.g blended formats) will be negotiated.

EU Grants and (quality) requirements

TELLConsult courses are eligible for ErasmusPlus KA1 Mobility Grants which can be applied for at your National Agency. In line with the rules of the Erasmus+ programme 2021-2027 TELLConsult may be required to include online elements to replace portions of its on-site courses.

It is possible and recommended to enlist to show interest in advance and get updated on specific courses without any obligation before actual formal registration.

On demand courses
For customised versions of courses (e.g other contents / duration / dates or locations) the course on demand-option is advised for those (consortia of) schools that have received funding for their KA1 mobility plans and want to send a number of their teachers to one of our ‘on demand’ courses or are interested in adding an online component to one or more on-site courses. Formal registrations are finalised after negotiation of the course contents and fee and payment of the invoice sent to the school by TELLConsult course administration. (more details about billing here)

Courses will be confirmed as soon as possible but ultimately 1.5 months before the course start date or as soon as the minimum number of paid registrations has been realised.

At the end of the course entitled participants will be awarded a certificate of attendance including a course description (content, hours of training and dates). We also contribute to EuroPass updates.

Course registration cancellations by schools and individual participants are accepted without additional costs if done in writing and before the running of the course has been confirmed (some 1.5 – 2 months before the course start date)

In the event of course cancellation by schools, individual participants or TELLConsult Training the school can expect a payment refund within 10 days. Only course fees are reimbursed so do NOT book any flights or hotel rooms before the course involved has been confirmed.

For any remaining questions pls consult our FAQ or contact us by sending a mail message to [admin AT tellconsult DOT eu]