11th January 2017


Profile TELLConsult 

TELLConsult is a registered, independent consultancy firm initiated and owned by Ton Koenraad. Its general objective is to contribute to quality promotion of Technology Enhanced Lifelong Learning with a special focus on Technology Enhanced Language Learning.

The main activities addressing TELLConsult’s mission are organised by two departments: PROJECTS and TRAINING.

TELLConsult PROJECTS coordinates the definition, development and evaluation of innovative (EU) projects related to Information & Communication Technology in (Language) Education.
Its previous and current project participations are in the field of (task design) for Computer and Mobile Assisted Language Learning (CALL & MALL), Educational Telecollaboration, Tablet and touch screen training and research, e-tools for Language for Specific Purposes (LSP),  Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL), Plurilingualism and Virtual Reality contexts for language learning.

In collaboration with (former) project partners and (inter)national (academic and practitioner) experts TELLConsult TRAINING coordinates the organisation of courses for the professional development of teachers and teacher educators.
The annual offer of courses – largely based on the results of the projects TELLConsult has participated in – can be consulted here: https://www.tellconsult.eu/current-courses/ 
In addition to our annual offer of courses (also including ‘on demand’ options) TELLConsult’s tutor network is also available for  Invited Expert arrangements in the context of ErasmusPlus Key Action 1 and 2: Cooperation among organisations and institutions. Pls contact us for more information.

In addition to various special interest groups and networks TELLConsult is formal member of the following professional organisations:

The European Association for Computer-Assisted Language Learning (EUROCALL)