19th January 2018

Enhancing creativity and innovation in my classroom using Information & Communication Technology. “Create a future classroom in your school”

Course nr: 11 

Target Groups
This course is designed for teachers from all educational levels & sectors who consider themselves as beginners and/or pre-intermediate as far as ICT skills and/or integration of technology in education are concerned.

Leuven (Belgium)
Leuven (Belgium)
July 3- 8

Course aims
In this course participants will learn about tools and methodologies to increase and enhance the level of interaction in the classroom. The course addresses topics relevant for the development of 21st century skills such as student dialogue and collaboration, creativity, problem solving and digital literacy.

Course content and activities

The workshop participants will:

  • Discover tools and methodologies to increase interaction in the classroom.
  • Experiment with different software to increase student (tele)collaboration.
  • Learn about the possibilities of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device).
  • Exploit the advantages of touch screens and electronic whiteboards to support interaction and dialogue in the classroom.
  • Use widgets and software to create interactive exercises to support flipped learning
  • Use tools for brainstorming and mapping of students’ pre-knowledge
  • Explore tools and strategies for blended learning scenarios
  • Be introduced to international School projects
  • Explore Open Educational Resources

The course combines introductions in the form of brief plenaries on the methodological topics of the day followed by presentations of related online applications, Web 2.0 tools, materials and/or activities. Then the practical work is done individually or in small groups depending on the needs and educational levels. Finally, the outcomes are shared and discussed.

Draft Agenda

Day 1
Greet & Meet
Intercultural event (Guided City Tour)
Course dinner

Day 2

Ice breaker “who is who”
Overview of course topics
BYOD (bring your own device) to the classroom

Overview possibilities in the classroom
Best practices and testing

BYOD (bring your own device) to the classroom (cont.)
Educational apps
Exploring different online freeware
Increasing interactivity in your classroom

Creating interactive comics
Creating interactive lesson plans
Exploring cloud based programmes
Project creation: group work
Review of the day

Day 3
Become an expert with an interactive whiteboard
Overview top skills
Exploring the different software tools
Tips and trics
Interactive classroom

Different learning zones
Tools and methodologies
Designing / customising content for local use
Presentations and review of the day

Day 4

Collaboration 2.0 – SMARTamp

Exploring different tools
Stop motion 2018
Creating interactive video’s
Exploring apps
Project creation with QR-codes:

Create your own QR codes
QR-code interactive group work
Designing / customising teaching materials for local use
Presentations and review of the day

Day 5
Augmented reality in the classroom
Best practices and pedagogy
Create your own marker
Assessment using interactive technology in the classroom

1:1 learning

Pedagogy and best practices
Exploring cloud based programmes
Flipped classroom
Designing / customising teaching materials for local use
Presentations and review of the day

Day 6
Collaboration 2.0 – part 2: Increasing student involvement

Designing for collaborative learning
Collaboration in international school projects: exploring the implications (preparations, scheduling, materials design etc)
Finalising sample materials, developing draft project plans
Sharing & discussing results
Course evaluation + Certificates

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