27th January 2022


Current Project(s) TELLConsult is participating / involved in:

  • TEMPLATE (Technology-Mediated PLurilingual Activities for (language) Teacher Education)

Previous projects

Recent Projects (2000-2021) TELLConsult initiated, coordinated, participated in or evaluated:

  • CATAPULT (Computer-Assisted Training And Platforms to Upskill LSP Teachers)
  • DEIMP  (Designing & Evaluating Innovative Mobile Pedagogies)
  • REDESIGN (Redesigning educational curricula and digitally-afforded collaborations to promote multimodal learning experiences)
  • TABLIO (Tablets for classroom differentiation and inclusion)
  • iTILT2 (Interactive Teaching In Languages with Technologies)
  • iTILT (Teaching Languages with Interactive Technologies)
  • PETALL (Pan European Task Activities for Language Learning)
  • CAMELOT (CreAting Machinima Empowers Live Online language Teaching and learning)
  • TKEY HIL (Tools for learning EU Key competencies in High Interaction Learning environments)
  • TABULA ALBA A COMENIUS international project on collaborative IWB competence development of educational staff in both a Polish & Turkish region.
  • EUROVERSITY EU network to share good educational practice in 3D virtual worlds.
  • GOBL (Games Online for Basic Language Learning) web-based mini-games for youths and adults, who wish to improve their language skills.
  • SMARTVET Supporting Continuous Professional Development of VET teachers in the use of Interactive Whiteboards
  • iTILT #1 (Interactive Technologies in Language Teaching)
  • ETALAGE European Task-based Activities for Language Learning; a good practice exchange
  • NIFLAR (Networked Interaction in Foreign Language Acquisition and Research)
  • MICaLL (Moderating Intercultural Collaboration and Language Learning)
  • Pri-Sec-Co (Primary and Secondary Continuity in Foreign Language Teaching)
  • Pronett (Professionally Networking Education and Teacher Training)

Previous EU and national projects (1990-2000)

  • LanguageQuest, European Centre for Modern languages (ECML) Project: WebQuests for Language Learning
  • ViTAAL (LanguageQuest and Language Village in 3D virtual environments)
  • CATS e-TOOLS for CLIL in Higher Education (Computer Assistance voor Taal (=Language) Competences of Students)
  • inVEST Researching ICT support options for CLIL in Higher Education (ICT-ondersteund Taalgericht Vakonderwijs in het Hoger Onderwijs)
  •  NL Ministery of Education: Educational Partnership (EPS, 1999–2002) Sub Project (ICT in Teacher Education)
DEIMP Project team

Associated / Network partner in:

  • E-LIVE (Engaging Languages in Intercutural Virtual Exchange)
  • ITELab Innovating ITE (Initial Teachers Education) curricula (European Schoolnet project)
  • TeCola Pedagogical Differentiation through Telecollaboration and Gaming for Intercultural and Content Integrated Language Teaching
  • TELL-OP (Mobile Language Learning in Higher and Adult Education)
  • MTTEP Mobilising and Innovating Teacher Education Pedagogies 
  • TILA Telecollaboration for Intercultural Language Acquisition
  • VideoForAll ‘VIDEOforALL – Digital Video as a basic tool for language learning’