12th November 2018

TABLIO Int. Bootcamp Terms

A. Conditions for participation

We welcome any EU teacher and teacher educator interested in designing mobile learning scenarios supporting classroom differentiation & inclusion with the following profile:

  • familiar with mobile devices (tablets, smartphone etc)  for personal use
  • interested in mobile learning scenarios for education
  • working in a context where mlearning scenarios can be piloted

However, the grant option for accomodation & course participation is restricted to 15 participants on a first-come-first served basis (Max. 2 teachers per school)
Furthermore, as the project can only organize these so-called ‘Multiplier Events’ to promote the transfer of results to the educational field thanks to EU financial means, we claim the right to select delegates using additional criteria so as to also get a varied representation of school subjects and educational roles as well as a good geographical spread of EU countries at this event.

B. How to apply for participation

  1. If you are interested but not sure yet that you can actually participate

Fill in this 5-question form if you first need to plan your participation (e.g. discuss (possible) absence from work).
This is recommended as you can communicate your interest without any commitments yet.
It will also help us to develop a waiting list, stay in touch and update you when needed. 

  1. If you want and can actually attend the event

When you have made arrangements for your participation pls use this form to apply for a place in the course.
You will be informed about approval of your application once we have decided on a reprenstative list of participants (also see additional conditions below)
You will then also receive further travel information including some accomodation suggestions.

N.B. Contact us at admin@tellconsult.eu if you are interested in participating for one day only or at your own costs (course (25 Euro), accomodation & travel).

!! In any case: do not book any travel / accomodation arrangements before your participation has been confirmed.

TELLConsult administration will reimburse Travel and accomodation costs of participating delegates from Belgium (>100 km from Hasselt) to a max. of 100 Euro and from outside Belgium to a maximum of 200 Euro on the basis of submitted evidence within a fortnight after the event.


About our other courses: General TELLConsult Course Regulations

TELLConsult Training (EU PIC number: 949744461) in collaboration with (EU project) partners and expert tutors

Course fees in 2019:
The total fee for a 6-day course is: 620,- Euros, as of November 2018. If part of an application for which a grant was received in 2018 or earlier the fee is 580,-
includes organisation costs, rent of venue, tuition and international tutor travel & subsistence costs, post course support including the virtual learning environment and administration. 
This sum is exclusive of meals, social and cultural activities, travel and hotel costs).
Fees for custom made courses will be negotiated.

EU Grants:
TELLConsult courses are eligible for ErasmusPlus KA1 Mobility Grants which can be applied for at your National Agency.

It is possible and recommended to enlist to show interest in advance and get updated on specific courses without any obligation before actual formal registration.

Formal registrations are finalised after payment of the invoice for the course fee sent to the school by TELLConsult course administration. Courses will be confirmed as soon as possible but ultimately some 1 – 2.5 months before the course start date or as soon as the minimum number of paid registrations has been realised.

At the end of the course entitled participants will be awarded a certificate of attendance including a course description (content, hours of training and dates). We also contribute to EuroPass updates.

Course registration cancellations by schools and individual participants are accepted without additional costs if done in writing and before the running of the course has been confirmed (some 1- 2.5 months before the course start date)

In the event of course cancellation by schools, individual participants or TELLConsult Training the school can expect a payment refund within 10 days. Only course fees are reimbursed so do NOT book any flights or hotel rooms before the course involved has been confirmed.

For any remaining questions pls consult our FAQ or contact us by sending a message to [admin AT tellconsult DOT eu] or using this contact form.