Equal opportunities through multilingual primary teacher training

From: Mercator Network Newsletter July 2021

To conclude the NRO Comenius project “Equal opportunities through multilingual primary teacher training”, the involved researchers from the research group Multilingualism & Literacy (NHL Stenden University of Applied Sciences) have published a report on the project’s activities, including the integration of multilingualism and application of CLIL in initial teacher education.

The booklet (in Dutch) can be downloaded here.

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“Equal opportunities through multilingual primary teacher training”

Chapter 1 Introduction – Equal opportunities through multilingual labs: the lab in and for a multicultural society Joana Duarte
Chapter 2 The bridging programme for highly educated refugees Laura Nap, Joana Duarte & Mirjam Günther-van der Meij
Chapter 3 Multilingualism in teacher training programmes: from the student’s perspective Charlie Robinson-Jones
Chapter 4 Diversity and multilingualism in the Design Based Education curriculum Charlie Robinson-Jones & Joana Duarte
Chapter 5 CLIL for an inclusive teacher training college Amanda van Dijk-van ‘t Noordende
Chapter 6 Neighbouring and regional languages at the vocational school and the network of guest teachers Mirjam Günther-van der Meij


Appendix A: Survey – Multilingualism in Education’.
Appendix B: Manual focus groups – Language & Identity DBE workshop ‘
Appendix C: CLIL Lesson Plan (lesson of 45 min)
Appendix D: Questionnaire Drenthe and German 2nd year Emmen
Appendix E: Evaluation of the course on teaching of the foreign language


The social developments of mobility and migration require students (the future teachers) to have competences in multilingualism and intercultural functioning. This is EU policy, but not all groups in society have equal opportunities in higher education. This booklet presents the results of the NRO Comenius project “Equal opportunities through multilingual primary teacher training” (2018-2021). In this project, the accessibility of the PABO (primary teacher training) for newcomers is promoted by means of a switching class from MBO (VET) to HBO (HE). In didactics and training, the role of home languages in learning will be developed, as described in the report “Ruimte voor nieuwe talenten” (Room for new talents)(2017). Teachers and students will work together to promote equal opportunities for students who speak underrepresented languages.

The merger of the NHL and Stenden universities of applied sciences brings together the teacher training courses of five different locations in one concept. The conceptual integration of school subjects and languages as subject areas in training education is being initiated in this project, particularly at the Leeuwarden and Emmen training colleges. It focuses on cooperation with primary schools on topics such as multilingual language development, didactics of language skills in different languages, simultaneous bilingualism and translanguaging. The end products: 1 Vision and Learning Outlines with elaborated Modules and Guides that can also be used at other teacher training colleges. Integration of multilingualism, neighbouring and regional languages and the application of Content and Language Integrated Learning in the Netherlands. Modules Multilingualism and Language Learning for the Switch Classes MBO-HBO. Relevant Theses. 2 Mid-term study day and final conference for regional and (inter-)national audiences. 3 A northern network of multilingual teachers specifically for neighbouring languages. 4 Dissemination through social media; journal articles and presentations at conferences.

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