ErasmusPlus confirmed 2017 courses

TELLConsult Training has gladly confirmed 2 of the ErasmusPlus courses it is offering this autumn.
The topics are ‘Digital video in education’ and ‘Designing international schoolprojects’. Both are for teachers of all subjects and educational sectors with a focus on the language aspects involved in telecollaboration in the latter

We are honoured to have the international educational technology experts Joe Dale and Christine Appel in the team as co-tutors. Find more information about them at our international tutors and partners page.

The more reason for us to also make it possible for local/national teachers whose school did not manage to get Erasmusplus grants this year to attend these courses.
For this we are now also offering the option to attend on a daily basis.

Registration for these particular courses in Amsterdam (Netherlands) and Valencia (Spain) is possible with the links for this special option provided at the current courses overview page and here:

Registration for: Designing language exchange experiences for international school projects. Valencia (Spain)

Registration for: Using video to improve learning in & beyond the classroom. Amsterdam (Netherlands)


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