Most successful ErasmusPlus course on CLIL

TELLConsult recently ran an ErasmusPlus course on CLIL principles and ICT tools at Leuven University, Belgium 

With a 4.3 (on a Likert scale of 5-1) participants most positively evaluated the customised as requested version of our (e-)CLIL course  in terms of the content, opportunities for practical work and facilities offered as well as the social and cultural experiences.
Subtantial skills growth and relevance for current practice and professional development were reported re classroom technologies including the interactive whiteboard (#IWB) and advanced ICT applications use such as #SmartAmp & Google Hangout.

Both the input on CLIL methodology, the tasks/guidelines for CLIL materials design and telecollaborative projects were highly appreciated.

As were the suggestions of resources and opportunities for further related professional development.

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