TandemMOOC: Interesting (and free!) opportunity for English and Spanish learners to practice their oral skills

Passing on this announcement from Christine Appel on the start of a new edition of tandemMOOC!

The tandemMOOC Project, aims to bring together learners of English and Spanish in order to practice their oral skills. This is a free course that takes place over a period of six weeks, starting on the 26th of October 2022. This MOOC is designed to be a complement to regular language courses for adult learners at the B1 level or higher by providing them with additional speaking practice (Spanish/ English) with native speakers via an online videoconferencing tool.

Interesting features for learners is that the MOOC offers the possibility of speaking with a variety of tandem partners using the Roulette Tandem Tool or prearranging a session with the YouChoose Tandem Tool. Both tools launch tasks designed to guide learners in their conversations and to create a communicative need. 

Teachers of Spanish might find particularly interesting the portfolio which their learners can download from the platform and bring to class. This contains:

  • Number of video sessions completed
  • Total time spent practising
  • Number of different tandem partners
  • Feedback they’ve received from native speakers of Spanish
  • Feedback they’ve provided to their partners

You can find further information about tandemMOOC on our website:


PS Christine is also a valued contributor to TELLConsult’s courses https://www.tellconsult.eu/2023-courses/ see e.g. Course #1 Designing for collaborative learning, virtual exchange and internationalisation@home

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