EU project proposal submitted

Erasmus+ and European Solidarity Corps
As more initiators of EU Erasmusplus project ideas will have experienced the actual proposals submission process was rather unpleasant this year, to say the least, due to constant technical hiccups of the platform.
Nationals agencies in many countries were informed about this nuisance and fortunately a delay of one to two days was formally allowed just before or, in cases, after the deadline of March, noon 22, 2023.

An Erasmus+ application involving your organisation has been submitted. This project  will be evaluated over the next months. You may find further details below.
You are receiving this notification because you have been identified as the legal representative or contact person for your organisation.

Project information Project Title: Data-driven Applications and Pedagogies for Language Education
Action: Cooperation partnerships in higher education Call for proposals: 2023
National Agency: IT02 – Agenzia Nazionale Erasmus+ – INDIRE Organisation Legal name: Technology Enhanced Lifelong Learning Consult
Organisation ID: E10111083 Role of organisation in the application: PARTNER Submission information Form ID: KA220-HED-9B8B7C4D Submission ID: 1448992
Submission date (dd/mm/yyyy): 24/03/2023
Submission time (Brussels, Belgium time): 09:47:40

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