Latest TELLConsult Project activities

On behalf of DEIMP partner TELLConsult, Ton Koenraad ,  attended the first meeting with the Dutch national DEIMP partnerschools at Hogeschool Inholland in the Hague.The idea is to organize several of this meetings just to discuss the progress of the DEIMP-project and the specific activitities in which the partnerschools are involved, but also to build a good and sustainable relationship for the duration of the project (and beyond). Below, a quick summary.

The meeting took place at the office of one of the participating school boards, Octant, near The Hague. Ton Koenraad  introduced the ErasmusPlus KA1 application procedures and document formats, but also provided information about the DEIMP predecessor project MTTEP.

In the meeting the progress of the DEIMP-project, the involvement of the partnerschools, exploratory research with the partnerschools in 2017-2018, and the KA1-application were discussed.

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