Paper on COVID-19 by DEIMP project team published in Information and Learning Sciences

As partner in the ErasmusPlus Project DEIMP TELLConsult gladly participated in a collective effort of the project team to research the implications of the Corona pandemic on education in the 6 partner countries (Australia, Belgium, Cyprus, Ireland, Netherlands, UK) .

The resulting paper ‘Education in Precarious Times: A Comparative Study Across 6 Countries to Identify Design Priorities for Mobile Learning in a Pandemic’ was published by Information and Learning Sciences in a COVID19 special issue on emergency remote education.

Please cite as:
Hall, T., Connolly, C., Ó Grádaigh, S., Burden, K., Kearney, M., Schuck, S., Bottema, J., Cazemier, G., Hustinx, W., Evens, M., Koenraad, T., Makridou, E. and Kosmas, P. (2020), “Education in precarious times: a comparative study across six countries to identify design priorities for mobile learning in a pandemic”, Information and Learning Sciences, Vol. ahead-of-print No. ahead-of-print.

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