TELLConsult offered flipped online workshop on mobile learning.

TELLConsult tutors Ton Koenraad and Suzanne Lustenhouwer contributed a flipped online workhop to a Webinar series jointly organised by the EUROCALL Special Interest Groups ‘Computer Mediated Communication’ (CMC SIG) & ‘Mobile Assisted Language Learning’ (MALL SIG) on general and discipline specific design frameworks for mobile (language) learning and related teacher training resources on March 20, 2020.

This webinar / flipped online workshop session aimed to offer participants a hands-on experience of using resources for professional development produced by the EU projects ‘Designing and Evaluating Innovative Mobile Pedagogies’ (DEIMP) and its predecessor ‘Mobilising and Transforming Teacher Educators’ Pedagogies’ (MTTEP), both targeted at stimulating pedagogically sound m-learning practices in teacher education and schools.

Thanks to participation of MALL & CMC SIG members a live demo could be realised on how the general educational iPAC framework & DEIMP principles for innovative mobile learning could be used in contexts such as (tele)collaborative & local) school development and initial & inservice language teacher education using the projects’ related practice evaluation survey tool. (See the iPAC Mobile Pedagogies website)

The webinar involved a flipped part where participants first familiarised themselves with the iPAC framework and its key design principles for mobile learning supported by the related introductory videos.
A second task was to analyse a MALL practice developed by two partners of the EU project iTILT2 and – having consulted the PPT and video clip about this MALL case – share their views, summarised in a visualisation resulting from completing the iPAC questionnaire on a Padlet page, created for the occasion, to also share the experience with the wider (potential) webinar audience (see image + link below)

Eurocall MALL and CMC SiGs’ Joint 2020 Webinars

See this summary of the Webinar Recording to get an impression of the presented content and the professional discussion about the case analysis.
The full version (1h) can be accessed here.

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