TELLConsult contributed OER to conference on big data in language & CLIL classes

We attended and enjoyed the International conference ‘Data-Driven Learning (DDL): a scaffolding methodology for Foreign languages and #CLIL classes’ in Turin, 27-28 September 2018
The event was intended to provide a bridge between researchers and school teachers. This resulted in a nice mix of interesting academic and practice-based papers & workshops, including e.g. the keynote by Alex Boulton on developments in DDL illustrated with practical examples,  the experiential learning workshop by Katherine Ackerley on classroom methodologies using corpus data and the related teacher competences.

Emma Abbate concluded the event with a presentation on how to integrate the use of corpus-based approaches in geography teaching, including a demonstration of automated provision of collocation learning exercises and games with the help of activity templates offered by FLAX

On behalf of TELLConsult Ton Koenraad contributed the workshop ‘Production of corpus-based learning materials & activities for CLIL and LSP purposes’ partly based on a module of course #13 ‘Language and teaching skills for the bilingual classroom’ , one of the ErasmusPlus courses offered by TELLConsult 
We aimed to stimulate CLIL & #LSP teachers in particular to explore the potential of #corpus-based approaches for teaching & learning by highlighting easy to use (some fully automated) teaching & learning applications.
To support delegates in finding and exploring potentially useful corpus-based tools & resources for the production of CLIL materials and learning activities this padlet page was made available as OER:

We hope that workshop delegates and colleagues also active in this domain will help to further develop this resource beyond this conference event by adding comments, references to relevant missing or new tools, materials, research and reactions to questions users may ask.

Find all conference presentation materials here.

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