TELLConsult initiated development of Erasmsus+ KA2 project proposal

Requested to advise on how to realise a practitioner’s well developed idea to make the offer of work-related language training of LSP teachers more visible for (international) employers, (migrant) job seekers and career improvers we arrived at a successful Erasmus+ KA2 project application submission today (21 March, 2018) in less than 5 weeks (!)
All this thanks to the cooperation of all #EUROCALL network contacts approached and in particular to Cédric Sarré (Uni Paris Sorbonne) by accepting leadership at an early stage and his subsequent inspiring and effective leadership and highly competent completion of the application form.




The news of the actual submission (done at 02.30 last night!) plus the start of spring inspired me this morning to treat myself to a beach walk at Scheveningen on my way to The Hague for a meeting of the Dutch school network of the EU #DEIMP project on integrating mobile devices in education.

Greatly enjoyed reflecting on what (even despite various previous experiences) still turns out to be a most exciting process of forming a team, getting the project focus clear and defining the actual outputs.

So… LSP teachers in Europe: unite in keeping fingers crossed as this initiative could potentially #CATAPULT your business!


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