Another successful ErasmusPlus project grant application initiated by TELLConsult.

Skills mismatches: EU businesses are losing millions, and will be losing even more!

According to this study, companies in most of the EU’s Member States are witnessing a growing shortage of workers with skills tailored to their needs.

As in our project proposal ‘CATAPULT’ we highlighted the language dimension of this issue, we are glad to see that a number of key arguments in our application are also part of the analysis and proposed solutions in the study report ‘Skills mismatches – An Impediment to the Competitiveness of EU businesses’ (link is external) of the European Economical and Social Comité (EESC) :

[…] How to bridge the gap?

Efficient and more popular vocational education and training (VET) practices and greater emphasis on lifelong learning and effective labour intermediation are key to bridging the existing skills gap as they foster labour market mobility and labour migration. It is also important to improve skills evaluation in order to help identify in advance the skills to be needed on future labour markets.

Thanks to the flexibility  and valuable contributions of the partners and the timely efficient leadership of Sorbonne University we managed to duly submit a powerful proposal. See more details in this blog post.

The Language for Specific Purposes (LSP) expert TELLConsult supported in developing the project idea has been invited to join our team that will be participating in the CATAPULT project.

We are looking forward to the kick-off planned in September in Paris.


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