Evaluation results of TELLConsult ErasmusPlus workshop on CLIL at Leuven University

This edition, customised  for a school in the Netherlands (more details here), based on our Course #13 ‘Language and teaching skills for the bilingual classroom’ was run as an ErasmusPlus consultancy workshop in July 2018, at Leuven University in Belgium. 

The evaluation questionnaire addressed delegates’ appreciation of 7 aspects of the course, namely: course topics related activities (n=5), input and tasks provided by tutors, delegates’ self-reported increase of knowledge & confidence levels, the use of the supporting virtual learning environment (Schoology), course organisation and general realisation of expectations.

It is a pleasure to report that the top scores on a Likert scale of 5 (very much/good – much/good) were selected with a frequency ranging from 80 -100% for all of these aspects, with only 2 sub items with slightly lower scores.


All this strengthens our motivation to also run the full versions of this course again later this year and in 2019. For more details see our current courses pages.

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