Nuffic NL e-Twinning network for Teacher Education

On February 18/02/2020 we attended a webinar on NUFFIC’s eTwinning Teacher Training Institions Initiative (TTI) targeted at educators and student teachers in primary and secondary teacher training as advertised and presented by Marleen Lapidaire in her email message:

‘Are you a teacher at a primary or secondary teacher education organisation and do you want to let your students experience what it’s like to initiate an international project?
Or are you a student teacher and would you like to work together with a student in Spain, Germany or Estonia? THAT IS POSSIBLE!

On February 13th and 18th we are organizing a FREE webinar to tell you more about this! You can ask all your questions live and discover what eTwinning can do for your (school practice) classes’

We shared links to related EU initiatives, including the Evaluate project and the across curriculum virtual exchanges in Higher Education project Unicollaboration.
Also, we expressed our enthousiasm for this venture, mentioning the related EU projects PRONETT and MICALL we initiated some 15 years ago and referred to a selection of related publications available for download from TELLConsult’s senior consultant Ton Koenraad’s personal web page:

Koenraad, A.L.M. (2004). ‘Promoting Information and Learning Technology in Teacher Education: a pilot implementation of the PRONETT portal’.
In Proceedings of the Third EDEN Research Workshop and International Conference: ‘Supporting the Learner in Distance Education and E-Learning’.

Koenraad, A.L.M. (2005c). Developing network-based language learning & teaching in Education and Teacher Training: The MICaLL Project. Paper presented at the International Conference on Task Based Language Teaching, Leuven University, 21 – 23 September, 2005

Speakers of Dutch can review the recording here.

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